Getting Out There

This is the third, no, make that fourth time I’ve tried to start a blog. I’ve still no idea if this will stick but I feel the need to write, to be creative and connect with the world. I’m struggling a lot lately with what to do with my life, where to aim and where I want to be. T and I have moved since I last tried this, I’ve started a new career but we’re no closer to achieving a life together. We’re still separated by the laws of immigration and money but we at least get to spend some time together which is more than some couples get.

For now, though I’m getting into this slowly, it may not be the most novel way to get into it but I’ve found a list of writing prompts for blogging, small ways for you, the readers to get to know me. To kick this off I’m starting with my favourite number from the list: 27. Why 27? Because my birthday is January 27th, there we go, the first fact about me!

What Makes Me Feel Better, Always:

  • Hot showers, a good scrub with my exfoliating glove and a nice smelling shower gel, washing my hair and just letting the hot water roll off of me. I’ve always gotten in trouble ever since I can remember for taking far too long in the shower but they just feel so good. I have to admit I usually shower at least twice a day, in the morning when I get up – I just can’t wake up without it, and in the evenings after work. I feel so grubby when I get home, my current and previous job haven’t been the cleanest of jobs.
  • Fresh bed sheets, this goes hand in hand with the hot showers. Clean sheets, fresh smelling and nice cotton, not synthetic fabric.
  • A good cup of tea. I know, how very British of me but there is something so comforting about it. I like mine a certain way which has lead to some calling me weird but we all have our faults! I like a really strong blend, the water has to be just off boiling, the tea bag goes in the dry cup, water on top, I let it brew for a minute or two then I add the milk. The teabag stays in. I know, I know, not very lady like or nice but it’s the only way to get it to the strength I enjoy. I drink it almost straight away too. I really don’t enjoy it once it starts to cool down, the hotter the better!
  • Having my back tickled by my husband. It’s a really simple thing but it relaxes me instantly. I don’t mean tickling me until I can’t breathe, just the lightest of touches with the tips of his fingers, just enough to raise goosebumps. It’s like a signal to my body to finally let go of the stress of the day and sleep. I find it really hard to switch off at night, both mentally and electronically – my phone and tablet are usually within arms reach and when he lays down next to me those go away and I can concentrate on getting some rest.

So there we have it, the first of what I hoping will be a small series of blog posts letting you know about me. How about you, what makes you feel better, always?


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